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  • Basic network knowledge (e.g. CIDR, Source and Destination NAT)
  • Basic iptables knowledge
  • Pod/Cluster CIDR:
    • Every node gets a /24 podCIDR.
  • Service IP CIDR:
  • Node IP CIDR:

More info on IP Classless Inter-Domain Routing (short CIDR):

The source for the diagrams, can be found as .graphml at the same path as the images.

Example: kubernetes-networking-explained-network_stack.svg -> kubernetes-networking-explained-network_stack.graphml

Network Stack

Network Overview caption

Traffic Flow

Pod to Pod

Pod to Pod Traffic

Pod to Service IP

Pod to Service IP

Service IP iptables

Service IP iptables

NodePort to Service IP to Pod

NodePort to Service IP to Pod
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