node_exporter by Prometheus Project

  • Website / Source Code:
  • Port: 9100/TCP
  • Path: /metrics
  • Auth: None. (Recommendation: Add (Kubernetes) OAuth Proxy in front)
  • What can the Metrics tell us:
    • OS metrics (e.g., cpu, loadavg, meminfo and many more).
      • The exporter can export a ton of metrics for Linux based systems.

Can export metrics for the following OSes: Darwin, Dragonfly, FreeBSD, Linux, NetBSD, OpenBSD, Solaris.

Not all metrics are available for each OS (e.g., only Linux has mdadm metrics).
For a list of metrics per OS, see and

Special point about the node_exporter is that it can export metrics from textiles that are in a certain format, see
SMART metrics are normally exported like this (e.g., for a container image that runs the smartctl script every X time).