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Cheat Sheet

RJ45 (Copper) T-Base SFP / SFP+

As long as they support one of the T-Base standards (e.g., 1000T-Base), they should be able to be used like a "normal RJ45 ethernet network" port.

T-Base standard

For the SFP / SFP+ to work with, e.g, 10 / 100 / 1000, each of the nT-Base standards must be "implemented" in them.

Simplex and Multimode fiber cables and transceivers

You should not mix simplex with multimode fibers and transceivers, and the other way around.

"You'll never have a second go for APC connectors"

Due to the polishing (angle 8°) of APC fiber "ends", if you plugin the fiber connector the wrong way, you'll "break" them (slight crunch noise).
E.g., plugging SC APC connectors in the wrong way.

Make sure to check the orientation markers and with that always plug APC connectors in the correct way!

UPC connectors are having no polish at all so no need to worry about the way to plug them in.